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Carbon footprint is the best estimate of the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced to directly and indirectly build and operate a product, business, household, etc. There are also natural causes for GHG emissions including from plants and animals. But as with most natural things, nature maintains a balance so that GHGs are kept at a level that helps to sustain life on earth. But we humans find it very hard to play by the rules of the nature. All the activities we undertake like burning fossil fuels, producing electricity, cutting down trees etc contribute to GHG emissions into the atmosphere. All this adds up the GHGs in the atmosphere and nature As a business, your activities like employee and goods transportation, refrigerant systems used for cooling, on site waste management etc contribute towards your greenhouse emissions.

All this GHGs in the atmosphere absorbs radiation and prevents heat from escaping the atmosphere. This excess heat creates disrupted weather patterns, higher global average temperatures and results in climate changes. This adversely affects livelihoods of people across the globe from severe winters in parts of US and Europe, Flash floods in parts of South America and Asia and extended dry spells in Australia. A recent study by US Environmental Protection Agency found that the largest contributor to GHG emissions in the US was electricity production. It is extremely critical that businesses understand their carbon footprint and regulate it for a cleaner, greener and sustainable planet.

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