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These are very tough times for most businesses. The corona lockdown and resulting drop in sales is going to affect them in more ways than one. There will be a significant drop in revenues in the coming months which will drive the management to think about cost saving initiatives. It is imperative that the management will have to keep a tight check on the costs until the situation improves. 

Salaries are definitely the major cost item for any business. However, this is not the right time to cut jobs and abandon your employees. Some companies have already put together a team to identify areas where they can limit spending to cut down losses. This is analogous to a Disaster Response and Recovery team in any country. 

Utility charges usually come in the top 10 ( if not top 5 ) monthly costs of any business. Optimising electricity and water usage can also help trim down the expenses without impact on the operations. However, this will require tight management by the facilities team if they do not have an energy monitoring or management solution in place. 

In most premises, there could be ongoing electricity wastage to the tune of 15-20%. Most managements did not heed the warning signals primarily because they treat electricity as a necessary evil. If the operations team is able to identify and eliminate those wastage points, it could contribute well to their business bottomline. This can even help management get through these testing times without harsh measures like cutting down jobs. This is also an opportunity for the employees to get together and contribute towards sustaining the business. 

Solutions like Greeniee go an extra mile by doing all the analysis from measured energy values and giving the users specific pointers to wastage happening at a premise. Once you have the detailed insights, it is just execution from the operations team. The changes to be implemented could be very minimal and simple – right from operating balanced loads to even ensuring efficient operation of loads that run 24 x 7. The team will just have to follow the instructions from Greeniee. 

Wastage from a bad equipment is also highlighted through the web and mobile interface. Timely maintenance not only helps cut down the excess power usage of these equipment, but also prevents an impending failure affecting the operations. Being a cloud-enabled solution giving timely alerts over email and app notifications, users have access to easily-interpretable information on the go. With its plug and play installation and easy-to-adopt architecture, users start seeing results in the first 15 days. 

It’s time we start taking energy efficiency seriously. In addition to saving money for your business, it also helps in reduced carbon emissions enabling a cleaner, greener planet. 

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