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Just like humans, electrical appliances also tend to get lethargic with age. When I say lethargic appliances, I mean to say that this equipment consumes more power for the same operations than what it used to do when it was brand new.

Studies have shown that motor loads could even consume upto 50% more power, after a period of 3 years. This change may not happen in a day or so. The rate of deviation in the drawn power could be gradual, accumulating to a large value over a period of time. Unless this is closely monitored, customers fail to notice this menace and identify the root cause. Such a deviation in power consumption not only adds to your machine running costs, it also introduces vulnerability in your operations since this machine can breakdown at any point.

 Studies have shown that motor loads could even consume upto 50% more power, after a period of 3 years

Increase in power consumption can be used as a metric to identify the overall health of a machine. A machine that consumes more power definitely needs to be looked into, by the technicians. Several manufacturing units employ people going around, taking energy readings from the machines. These readings are further collated to generate manual reports, and when compared to previous data can help pinpoint such deviations. Such processes help engineers easily schedule their maintenance activity.

This is analogous to humans doing medical checkup periodically after they cross a particular age ( say 30 ). Diagnostics are important for both humans and machines to take necessary precautions. As it is rightly said, periodic scheduled maintenance can always avert system breakdown.

Periodic scheduled maintenance can always avert system breakdown

With the coming of IoT enabled energy analytics platforms like Greeniee, the technicians need not bother about tracking down readings, or comparing them to historical data to find deviations. The new generation monitoring systems have algorithms built in to them, to track any deviation and trigger alert notifications to the concerned stakeholders. This is again analogous to fitness bands and smart watches, that alert you to move, stand, walk to make sure people are healthy. This, by far, has been a tremendous jump from the conventional diagnostics approach.

We sure are entering the new age of AI-powered assistants and alerts to improve efficiency in all aspects of life. For more details, email us