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The hospitality business is a fiercely competitive industry in any part of the world. The opportunities for enhanced guest comfort, lower operating costs and an improved corporate image make pursuing energy efficiency worthwhile. Technology plays the role of a grand equalizer, giving even the smallest player in this cut-throat industry, a fighting chance to survive.

You want to be the best without going bankrupt with the bills. Based on studies, 3-6% of total hotel operating costs is spend on energy – second largest spending category for a hotel after employment. Guest rooms are vacant 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. Energy in hotels is mainly consumed by temperature regulation, which represents a whooping average 69% of energy consumption. However, there are hidden gems which when discovered and monitored properly can help improve the energy efficiency at your business.

Having worked with some of the large names in the hospitality sector, our monitored results have only proven the need for Energy Monitoring in this dynamic sector. Based on our experience monitoring the F&B wings, typical consumption during the night when everything is shut down, should be close to 50% of that during the day. But there are premises which consume close to 75% of their daytime usage, even during late nights.

With the help of our realtime data analysis at the equipment level, we have even helped customers identify equipment problems much before their breakdown. At one of our sites, the heaters were drawing 29% more than their rated capacity. The monitored results even unearthed faulty thermostats that did not have proper cut off times leading to high inefficiency. These consumption hikes are not minor and they sum upto huge spikes in bills because of their 24*7 usage at the property. 

They remain undetected since there is no continuous monitoring process at the equipment level. In addition to the losses incurred by these faulty equipment, there is always a risk of breakdown which leads to much larger losses in terms of business as well as reputation. Some of these problems are also related to behavioural issues. However, continuous monitoring is key to strict enforcement of any rule.   

Let’s put an end to being blindsided by the energy bills. At Greenturn Idea Factory,  we help you know your equipment and overall consumption like the back of your hand. No more being kept in the dark. Talk to us, let us show you the magic of efficient energy usage.