Commercial establishments across the globe spend millions of dollars on their energy bills annually. Although, various statistics and research, and weighing in from our personal experience as well, it is concluded that close to 20-30% of this money is spent on energy that is being wasted. And a massive contributor to this wastage, is a lack of visibility into energy usage.

These establishments are blindsided when it comes to the optimal use of the energy that is being consumed on a day-to-day basis – are heavy load appliances being run during peak hours, is the load balanced, is appliance health causing some appliances to consume more than rated energy, is there a leakage in the system, etc.These inefficiencies add up and contribute to energy consumption that is higher than usual, resulting in substantial wastage. For such organisations any saving in energy wastage, results in significant saving on energy bills, which therefore has a profound impact on the business bottom line.

This is where, Greeniee comes in. Greeniee comprises of a smart IoT hardware device and a state-of-the-art algorithm that helps in understanding energy consumption.

The hardware is a plug and play device which can be retrofitted on any existing installation, in less than 30 minutes. The hardware, connected near the main electricity distribution board, captures various parameters of the current passing through it. This data is sent to our secure cloud server, where our algorithms work it’s magic, to give you a deeper comprehension into your energy usage.

Unlike some of the other products, Greeniee only requires a single hardware for any main distribution line that needs to be monitored and analysed. The solution is built on the cloud,which allows users to view these detailed analysis on either the web dashboard or the mobile app, from anywhere in the world. Users can also set custom alerts to notify them on specific usage criterion.