GreenTurn Idea Factory was started by a group of young technologists, who shared a passion for energy conservation and sustainability. The founders who knew each other from high school, observed a gap to fill in the industry, in the areas of energy wastage and the challenges in optimising these energy spends, early on in their careers. A vision to address this gap is what brought them together to form “Greenturn Idea Factory” in July 2017, to work in the domain of smart energy management.

Greenturn Idea Factory initially received support from Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) through its innovation grant to develop and test the prototypes on KSEB’s infrastructure.

The solution was christened, Greeniee – a combination of the words Green and Genie – a product that is clean and sustainable and one that works like magic to help in bringing about significant energy savings.

From January 2018, the team has been focusing on Enterprise clients and Business organisations, as energy charges are one of their highest operational expenses. For these organisations, a mere 10 to 12% saving translates into a huge bottom line improvement and has a real positive impact on their business. Greeniee has seen significant traction in India and the Middle East, which are currently the two major target markets for the product. Some of the early adopters include large Information Technology companies, Large Textile manufacturing houses, Banks and NBFC organizations.