Greeniee is an Energy Monitoring and Management Solution that offers real-time insight into energy consumption at a connected premise. In addition to identifying wastage points and reducing energy expenses, it also helps in predictive maintenance of electrical equipment.

Cost Saving

On an average, a commercial building wastes 20-30% of the energy it consumes. To this point, Greeniee provides smart insight and recommendations to cut down this wastage in order to help businesses in improving their bottom lines.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime of critical machinery by knowing when it is time to service your electrical equipments, before they actually fail.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Evaluates your carbon footprint, so as to effectively take steps to offset it against carbon credits, contributing to achieve a cleaner, greener planet

More about Greeniee

Unique Features of Greeniee

Plug and Play - Quick Installation

Installation, typically takes less than 30 minutes. Real-time data would stream to the app within minutes of installation

Retrofittable device

Zero disturbance or changes to the existing electrical infrastructure during hardware installation

Single hardware to monitor all electrical equipment

Does not require installation of sensors for each appliance. Hence there are fewer failure points in the system and also makes it cost-effective

Smart software for equipment detection

Patented algorithm helps detect equipment and usage characteristics without having to install equipment level sensors.

Intuitive mobile app / web dashboard

Access smart insights and usage details on-the-go, through a mobile app or web dashboard

Industry agnostic

Install at any commercial enterprise

Shorter ROI period

Even with a conservative 10% saving, payback period or RoI of less than 10 months for most clients.

Smart alerts

Get notified if the system detects any abnormal or heavy usage on the move

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