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In today’s world, your business is lost without thorough planning. As the complexity and size of your infrastructure increases, so does the need for a more comprehensive plan. If you have the right Technology Partner showing you the ropes on how to make this planning process as cost effective as possible, that sets you apart in today’s competitive world.

The technology available to us today is massive. And this could be the very reason your business is struggling as you haven’t tapped into this massive reservoir yet. With the rise of automation, we now have the ability to reduce human intervention to as minimum as possible. One of the primary reasons energy and cost-saving initiatives fail is because it’s unclear as to how and whose responsibility it is to manage the undertaking. Again, remove the human intervention from this and voila, that’s where Greeniee comes in. We take that load off your shoulders and offer you real-time insight into your energy consumption with accuracy that sets our solution apart in this field.

The magnitude of what our solution offers is not just limited to getting real time updates on your overall consumption levels but also gathering individual equipment consumption using our tiffin box sized singular device. This is the start to your journey into digital transformation and we are taking you there.

Automation, in simple words stands for “leaving the entire work to computers or artificial intelligence”, and has only been a vision for most enterprises. Digitalisation has caused several businesses to transition online and even carry out management as well as day-to-day operations remotely. 

What Greeniee does is simple – with minimum intrusion into your plant, we give you the results that no amount of man power can deliver! Talk to us, let us be that technology partner who can take you to Industrie-4.0 !